Home for the Holidays- Senior Care List

The holidays can be a difficult time for many when a loved one needs care.  Often when changes occur, family can be surprised at the holidays with things that they had not foreseen.  Some or all family members may live out of the area and it can be difficult to detect subtler changes during a phone call or shorter visit.  If you are concerned about their ability to live alone and are trying to decide on care, it is good to look beneath the surface to ensure all bases are covered.  Some common areas in which a senior may need assistance are:

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Home Safety

  • Can they get into and out of the home safely?

  • Are they able to navigate the bathroom safely?

  • Get to their bedroom?

  • Reach pots and pans and use the stove / oven to cook?


Fall Risk

  • Have they fallen recently?  If so, what caused it?

  • Are there trip hazards?  Cords, throw rugs, clutter?

  • Do they have bruising that may indicate a fall?

  • What did they do when they fell?

  • Are medications causing issues?


Home Maintenance

  • Is the home clean?

  • Maintained properly?



  • Are they still able to drive or is someone helping with this?

  • If driving, is the car maintained and free from damage?

  • Any accidents recently?


  • Are they able to pay their bills?

  • Is anyone reaching out to them, taking advantage?  Seniors are high risk for scams.

Social Activities

  • Are they still getting out to visit others or socializing in some manner with friends?

  • Have they stopped doing things they used to do?

Health and Hygiene

  • Are they bathing regularly?  Keep in mind they may have made a special effort to do so for your visit. 

  • Is the laundry getting done?  Sheets changed?

  • Are they able to get dressed on own?


  • Do they understand which medications to take and when?

  • Are they taking them regularly?

Food Preparation

  • Any signs of weight loss?

  • Are they able to prepare food on own?

  • Is refrigerator clean?

If you find only a couple areas in which assistance is needed, perhaps home health care would be a great solution.  If the list is extensive and they can no longer remain at home, a Senior Living Navigator at My New Villa can provide you with a FREE consultation to see if Assisted Living is a good fit for your family.  CLICK HERE to request and assessment or call 440-320-7280 today!