No Charge Consultation

Each individual has a unique blend of characteristics that will be critical in guiding the decision. Some core things that we will walk through in the consultation are:

  • Medical care needs
  • Memory care needs
  • Budget
  • Personal Preferences

Similarly, each community is unique in what level of care it offers, what amenities each has, and their total cost initially and over time.  Once the consultation is complete we can walk through what options best match including:

  • Places that will be able to meet all of the care needs
  • Approximate costs of the different places
  • Amenities offered
  • Discuss which you would like to tour and when

Call 440-320-7280 or fill in the form below to schedule a free consultation or get answers to questions regarding the service.  Our services from consultation to move-in are free to families who need care.  We are paid by the community that you choose to move into. 

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