Local Expertise

Headquartered in Avon Lake, Ohio we know the region and are personally familiar with the communities and resources that we recommend.  We know the region- whether you are wanting a place to enjoy life with amenities that keep you feeling young, a place close to friends and family, or a space that has the best care for a loved one while providing family the best opportunity to visit and relate.  We can help you find the best community in the best location for your loved one and your family.  You want to know that your loved one is going to receive care in a place that works for you.  We have the relationships to help you find that community.  

Time Savings

Caring for a loved one with medical needs can be exhausting, and we understand that time toward transitioning is often of some urgency. Finding a community that has an opening, is able to address the medical needs that your family member has, as well as those anticipated in the future, and is a good match for their personal preferences and finances can take a lot of research. Once we get to know your loved one’s needs, we can quickly help you find the right community, ensuring optimal outcomes.


Carefully Chosen Network

We operate on a single philosophy in choosing the communities in our network – only those where we would feel comfortable recommending to our own family members. Additionally, we will gladly share information on all communities that are available within your chosen area whether in or out of our network if you like. The difference is, we work closely with those in our referral network to ensure the highest standards. Overall, we want you to make the best decision for your family.