Alzheimer's Support Groups- Why Use Them and How Do I Find Them?

Caregiving for someone with Alzheimer’s or Dementia can be a challenging and isolating experience.  Often in addition to providing care, it is common that people are raising families, working, and juggling many regular day-to-day activities.  The thought of joining a support group can seem like just one more chore on the list but the natural bond formed with others in the same situation can greatly reduce stress by validating that your feelings are NORMAL and help with a ton of resources that you may not know of otherwise. 

Caregiver and Senior

Here are 12 key benefits to consider:

  1. Can reduce feelings of isolation, lonliness, being judged

  2. Learn more about their diagnosis

  3. Gaining a sense of empowerment or control

  4. Improving your coping skills

  5. Reducing your distress, anxiety, depression

  6. It is sometimes easier to talk to strangers than to family members

  7. Help in dealing with family members

  8. Developing a clearer sense of what to expect moving forward

  9. Getting practical advice about information on treatment options

  10. Improving your caregiver ability and increasing quality of life

  11. Helping to keep your loved one at home

  12. Helping recognize when no longer keeping them at home is best

Caregiving can become all-consuming and over time often results in high levels of stress, burnout, and depression.  Seeking support will help both you and your loved one by providing a welcome outlet of people to talk to who are walking the same path and understand.  Forming a bond with others will not only help you but also arm you with the resources needed to walk the path with your loved one day-to-day and provide them with the loving care they need.  The more you learn about what to expect and are prepared as things change, the easier it will be to take the journey. 

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